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Who We Are


In 1991, our founder, Lawrence Fischer, whose experience in material handling engineering had led him to providing design, service and delivery excellence to customers in that industry, decided to use that expertise to develop new and more frequent relationships with those customers needing better solutions in packaging their products. 

The company began stocking and selling packaging products in 1996, focusing on customer-specific SKU’s. As our firm grew, we optimized our offerings to simplify how customers select packaging items from a performance viewpoint, providing customer-specific engineering and design services, package kitting, equipment and fulfillment services.

From sending a newly designed package for a cross-country test run to confirm its integrity, to a last-minute weekend delivery need, our team treats our client’s needs as their own, confirming our commitment to our customers and to providing excellent customer service.


Our Mission

Bringing Your Production, Reliability and Consistency to New Heights

Our goal in all that we provide is to make you look good. We aim to simplify your tasks and provide solutions to your packaging, automation, and supply requirements, which ultimately enhances your overall performance.

Core Values


Our relationships with our clients come first and foremost in all that we do. We build clients for life, and have the reputation and client retention to prove it.

Customer Service

When you work with Fischer, you work with people - no automated phone lines, hard-to-navigate websites or time-consuming chains of command. Your real-life support is just a direct phone call away. 


We aim to be accessible for all our clients, from our local facility located in Piedmont, SC to our direct phone lines, we're here for you when you need it the most!


Why settle for the status-quo, when we can enhance your through-put, improve your kitting and help you excel at your job?

Above & Beyond

From supply shortages to last-minute shipments, we know your needs don't always fall within the standard. We understand this industry and know how to support you through all the rollercoaster turns. You can rest easier knowing we've got your back.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We pride ourselves in not getting caught up in untested "trendy" materials and poorly researched approaches. Our methods and sourcing are backed by hundreds of hours of intense research, education and the constant need to lead our industry in a standard of excellence.

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