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Areas of Focus

Packaging Supplies

Our packaging supplies range to suit our client's unique needs and include stretch film, poly film, bags, corrugated, tape and more.

We tenaciously lead our industry in our expertise of the latest packaging materials and manufacturing.


Our fulfillment services offer peace of mind to our clients and make their jobs one step easier. Through intense research, testing and a systematic approach, we're able to enhance fulfillment on multiple levels, creating a higher-level experience for all parties involved.


Our custom designed kits not only provide solutions to our client's unique needs, but use the latest technology, materials and approach to improve efficiency, cost and safety of your products.

Custom Designing

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we approach each client's unique needs with a custom design, heavily researched material choices and intense testing to ensure the perfect fit and quality delivered product.

"Behind every Fischer design, is a team of tenacious experts, here to support you
at every step. "
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